7 maart 2023

Go Vegan, Boost Your Metabolism!

Did you know, that a vegan diet can significantly contribute to boosting your metabolic function? This is not only helpful for our physical and psychological health, but also influences weight loss goals. We'll explain the how and why.


Metabolism – How does it work ?

Contents of this article:

  • What influences our metabolism?
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Easy weight loss
  • Go vegan, boost your metabolism
  • Vegan eating – The basics

Our metabolism is responsible for biochemical reactions that take place in our cells and which are essential for our survival and functioning. The nutrients absorbed by the body through food are changed, including the breakdown, conversion and build-up of new substances. In this process, the metabolism can also make use of previously stored substances. Besides vitamins and trace elements, hormones and enzymes are an integral part of the metabolic cycle. Our metabolism is controlled and influenced by the hormonal and nervous systems, and external factors such as the weather can also influence it. Different substances, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, are metabolised individually. In addition, a distinction is made between anabolic and catabolic metabolism, which work together. The former is responsible for building up protein, the latter for breaking down macronutrients.

What influences our metabolism?

How many calories we burn daily varies from person to person. However, there are specific factors that can influence this. One thing up top: if the process does not work, substances cannot be processed and passed on properly. This means the process is lacking in important places and the result can be diseases such as diabetes (dysfunction of the carbohydrate metabolism).

In addition, metabolism slows down with age, and many older people struggle with weight gain, energy loss and fatigue. However, these problems can be combated.

Boost your metabolism

You can stimulate the metabolism through an active lifestyle. Whether gardening, travelling, walking in the park or cycling, exercise in any form promotes metabolic activity in a beneficial and natural way. On the other hand, the prerequisite for physical activity is the right diet. If we eat the right food, not only do we have energy, but we can also improve our metabolism and thus lose weight in a healthy way.

Easy weight loss

Metabolism diet vs. Veganism

The metabolic diet boasts weight loss of up to 10 kgs within two weeks. However, this diet demands a taboo on most carbohydrates, certain fats, as well as alcohol and nicotine. Meals are replaced with low carb fruit and vegetables and/or vegan protein sources.

The answer to the question of how exactly fat but not muscle loss occurs during this time lies in the following mechanism: as a result of the lack of carbohydrates, the body's own fat reserves are burned, and protein compensates for this by supplying the necessary energy and thus preventing the body from breaking down muscle. In addition, protein binds water - so actual weight is lost.

But, as we know, eliminating many foods can lead to cravings long term which can be counterproductive. Like many short term diets, it also tends to come with the yo-yo effect, which again can have counterproductive effects. Furthermore, carbohydrates are an important macronutrient. Cutting these out is not healthy long term.

Anyone who wants to lose weight sustainably should switch focus on the long term and incorporate a plant based diet.

Go vegan, boost your metabolism

Compared to the metabolic diet, which is very restrictive due to the elimination of carbohydrates and therefore rather unsustainable, the metabolism can be improved with a vegan diet and thus lead to long term weight loss, and above all: healthy weight loss! How does this work?

Vegan diets nourish and increase the number of healthy gut bacteria (bacteroidetes) that are part of the microbiome, improving the digestion of fibre and promoting the production of short-chain fatty acids. Dietary fibre, in turn, feeds another type of bacteria, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. These stand out for their anti-inflammatory properties and can, among other things, balance imbalances and improve the microbial barrier.

A diet free of animal products can also improve insulin resistance. This promotes healthy weight regulation and also helps with weight loss, as a study from 2020 also confirms. The study compared two groups of overweight subjects, one who followed a vegan diet for four months and the other who stayed with their previous eating habits. On average, participants in the vegan group lost six kilograms of body fat. This is attributed to the fact that a vegan diet contains less saturated fat and cholesterol than animal foods. Vegan diets can also support the cardiovascular system, by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and helping older people stay healthy and fit. Vegan diets have also been shown to help with blood sugar control.

A nice bonus side effect: vegan nutrition can help slow down the ageing process and is the best natural skin care!

Vegan eating - The basics

A balanced and consistent vegan diet is not only possible, it’s easy. The main thing is to make sure that your plate consists of as many macronutrient-containing foods as possible. These include:

  • Protein: Protein is also possible without meat, as there is a whole range of vegan meat alternatives such as tofu and tempeh.
  • Carbohydrates: In addition to natural sugar from fruit, there are a number of sugar alternatives.
  • Fats: Superfoods such as legumes or avocado and all natural oils provide healthy fats.
  • Fruits and vegetables provide the most important vitamins and minerals, improve mental performance (brain foods) and are a natural booster for mood and our immune system.
  • Fibre can be found in whole-grain products such as overnight oats. Another advantage of a vegan diet is that plant-based foods are nutritious and low in calories.

Delighting your taste buds while improving your metabolism at the same time? Yes please! We have carefully put together a bundle, specially designed to boost your metabolism. Try it today!

In conclusion, boost metabolism, lose weight healthily, keep skin supple, improve memory and protect joints: a vegan diet actively helps to lead a healthy life. With plant-based power, you'll feel fit and full of energy even at an older age. Start the change today!

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