8 april 2024


Discover the flavour of spring - with Every.
10 januari 2024

4 Seasons with Every.

An exciting year awaits us at Every! As the seasons change, so do the products in our shop. We look forward to accompanying you on a culinary journey through the four seasons and have therefore set our sights on numerous seasonal dishes. Stay curious! We want to tell you one thing in advance: It will be tastier and more varied than ever. Blijf nieuwsgierig! Eén ding willen we je alvast verklappen: Het wordt lekkerder en gevarieerder dan ooit.
22 december 2023

The Green Revolution on Your Plate: Why a Vegan Diet is Good for Our Planet

Discover the transformative power of a plant-based diet! Learn how avoiding animal products not only promotes your health, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. Immerse yourself in a greener future for our planet - with every bite.
19 december 2023

Veganuary Challenge 2024: Tips to Eat More Plants

Veganuary - a sustainable start to 2024: a New Year's resolution that benefits your health, our climate and our environment. Take part in the Eat More Plants Challenge and find out more about Veganuary here.
18 december 2023

Sustainable living: Tips for conscious food choices and waste reduction

Discover practical tips for sustainable food choices, waste reduction and clever kitchen techniques such as fermentation and freezing in our article. Find out how small changes in everyday life can make a big contribution to an environmentally friendly future.
21 november 2023

Important Update: Temporary Pause on Deliveries

Today, we want to share an important update regarding a temporary disruption in our delivery services. Our delivery carrier is no longer in service, and as a result, we are unable to ship parcels until the end of next week. Updates will follow.
10 november 2023


Discover our exclusive NOVEMBER offer! Get an unbeatable discount on your first order and receive your favourite bowl FOR FREE for a whole year.
6 november 2023

The Every. Subscription

Find out more about Every's latest change! From now on, we will be presenting our products exclusively via a flexible subscription model. Join us and benefit from the new possibilities.

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