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Whether you want to loose weight, maintain a healthy bodyweight or just eat delicious and wholesome food, Every. offers you the most convenient, sustainable and rewarding routine. Feel the difference, meal after meal. Read more


Uncompromising quality

Good food is central to a thriving life. Nutritionists advise that around 80% of our diet should be plant-based. That's why, we have carefully crafted our vegan meals, to guarantee a delicious and nourishing experience, Every. time. Read more


Plants have never tasted better.

You didn't like broccoli as a kid? You will now. Choose from a large variety of recipes to suit any mood. Carefully selected ingredients are combined to create mouth-watering recipes with complementary textures, vibrant colours and flavourful bites to guarantee exciting meals, Every. time. Read more


Sustainability starts on your plate.

What we eat shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. Sustainability is at the core of what we do, and - while we’re far from being perfect yet, we never stop exploring new ways to improve and implement the best environmental practices. Read more


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7 maart 2023

Go Vegan, Boost Your Metabolism!

Did you know, that a vegan diet can significantly contribute to boosting your metabolic function? This is not only helpful for our physical and psychological health, but also influences weight loss goals. We'll explain the how and why.

Lifestyle Guides
24 januari 2023

Natural Skincare With a Vegan Diet

6 maart 2023

Cyclical Nutrition – What are the Benefits?


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