Basmati Buzz

A Biryani-inspired rice bowl with warming Garam Masala spices, paired with cauliflower and creamy spinach. Rounded off with pumpkin, yellow carrot and puréed raisins for some sweet infusions, creating a delightful flavour harmony.


VeganLow in saturated fatsLow sugarSource of fibreNot spicy

Garam masala spice mix

A powerful, perfectly balanced mix of warming spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. Originally from northern India and used in kitchens across the world. The combination of these spices really can bring any dish to life!

Basmati Rice

We love this classic rice for its characteristic nutty aroma. While cooking, it expands twice in length, giving it its slender elegant shape.


Did you know that cauliflower is actually an unbloomed flower? Cauliflower adds a great mild earthiness to the dishes we make.

Brown Lentils

They belong to the oldest crops and are rich in protein and dietary fibres.

Cooked basmati rice (water, basmati rice) (29%), cauliflower (15%), pumpkin (12%), cooked brown lentils (water, brown lentils), leaf spinach, fried onions (onions, rapeseed oil), grilled eggplant, yellow carrots, water, rapeseed oil, sunflower seeds, sultanas (sultanas, sunflower oil), salt, garlic, MUSTARD SEEDS, ginger, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, fennel, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper, chili, rice starch, cinnamon.

Typical values100gPortion (450g)
Energy (kj/kcal)450/1072028/484
Fat (g)4,218,9
of which saturated fatty acids (g)0,52,3
Carbohydrates (g)13,159
of which sugar (g)2,410,8
Dietary fiber (g) 29
Protein (g)3,314,9
Salt (g)0,652,9


put frozen dish with 1-2 tablespoons of oil in a preheated pan cook on high heat until sauce is largely liquid
then let simmer on medium heat for another 2-4 minutes, stir frequently


put the frozen dish in a microwaveable container heat for approx. 6-8 minutes at 800 watts until all the ingredients are cooked, stir frequently.

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